Citroen SM 1971 Carburetted Manual

In 1970 the famous SM model was released. Equipped with a six-cylinder Maserati V-engine, hydropneumatic suspension, four disc brakes and special power steering, it was capable of more than 220 km / h (235 km / h according to independent tests), the fastest front-wheel drive car ever.


The car was originally sold to South France, than it was imported to the Netherlands (Leiden) in 2009. We bought the car in 2015 and it was driven to Budapest on the road. The engine was in almost perfect condition since the care of the Le Garage Van der Velde.

When arrived a full strip down performed, all of the body panels welded where necessary with either original factory panels (rear cross member) or aftermarket parts (luggage compartment bottom).

The new colour Mandarine (AC437) was used during the painting in homage to Mr. Wolgensinger once the head of marketing of the Citroen. (There only 2-3 example may exist of the SM in this colour).

Engine primary chain were replaced by a new including tensioners, and additional oiling holes were drilled where recommended. Secondary timing chains are new and set to the correct tension. Since the engine assembled it run 4000 kms and the chain tension were checked again and set and the oil is changed 100 kms ago. The car is ready for another 5000 kms with no extra maintenance.

All hydraulic spheres have been changed with new ones as well as the hydraulic pump.

A/C compressor was replaced by a modern one to avoid the sudden overloading of the timing chain-train. A supplemental A/C switch is placed on the dashboard to make possible to switch of the compressor when isn’t necessary to use.

Comes with new Michelin XWX tyres all around.

Seats were refurbished with fine black leather, and the brass dashboard and centre console covers were replaced just very recently. New seatbelts keeping the original elements are in place in all of the seats in the front and the rear.

An original American market used SM radio is part of the car with a neatly installed amplifier, modern speakers and able to pick up BT music sources using the original radio controls.

The total restoration was finished at during the autumn in 2016 and comes with Hungarian papers.



Date of Manufacture: June 1971

Type: SM 2.7 Carburettor, Manual

Chassis Number: SB00SB2047

Colour (original/current): Vert des Tropiques/Mandarine (AC437)

Interior: Black Leather

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