Citroën 2CV6 Charleston - SOLD


The car came to Hungary from Germany in 2015 and the restoration started in the spring of 2016. As with all of the 2CVs we restore, a new subframe took the basis of the work. We used aftermarket body panels during the welding while the doors were kept as the originals. The colour scheme applied is one of the most recognized black/bordeux Charleston (basic colour Noir) with black roof. All rubber parts, brake pipes – sourced by the DC72 brake line manufacturer partner – were replaced. The engine gone through a thorough overhaul checking the dimension and replacing the parts where they were necessary. New electronic ignition is installed together with new cooling fan blades. The carburettor is a fully rebuilt one with all of the gaskets and nozzles replaced. Suspension is totally rebuilt, including the shock absorbers and the steering pins. The interior is a black and white with poulet pattern. The instrument and the steering wheel are of the latest type. New seatbelts front and rear, new rubber floor matt and one 12V sockets are built in order to serve to charge the phone. The new Michelin X tyres makes the car very original and the ride is the next to the best as possible. It comes with the Germany papers and all of the photos about the restoring.

Type: 2CV6 Charleston
Date of Manufacture: 1985
Chassis Number: VF7AZKA00KA092543
Colour: Noir (AC200)
Interior: Black and white poulet
Restoration made by: DC72/Ferenc Huszárszky

Current location: Sint-Pieters-Rode, Belgium

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