About us

How we come together, what we believe in and what is our mission. A quite long and philosophical reading. :)

The Motivation

Some 30 years ago on a warm summer a ernoon I sat on the train and watched the little coconballs dancing on the floor which flew in the open windows when passing by a grove of poplar trees. I saw them dancin’ alone in a varied choreography in the glowing light. Thanks to their movement, although unpredictably, they drifted closer and closer to each other, stucked together, formed a bigger ball and so on. Our story (Daniel and Cox) is very similar to this. We got bit by the bug – we all know very well – separately in space, more than 100 kilometers apart from each other, but simultaneosly in me, somewhere in the middle of the 80’s. Back in those days our beloved cars were only depreciated old machines, some of them in a good shape, while others were skeletons of hopeless dreams. They had one thing in common: all of them had soul. In the past two decades we made our (crazy) decisions, proudly stood up for them, spread the word about the joy of classic car ownership and didn’t hide its downsides. The stars aligned to create the situation where we could meet. Actually, they couldn’t organize it better, because they don’t use smartphones, but a common friend of the both of us did. Three years ago we were at the right place at the right time to start a cooperation. Until then we had many experiences in various work- shops, we were disappointed too many mes and we felt that our enthusiasm wouldn’t last forever if we do not act. It was the turning-point and we opened our workshop in May 2015. The DC72 is our „lovechild” and we gave birth to it with a rm belief that a classic car is more than pain, wasted money, blood, sweat and tears. If we do it well, the ownership of a classic car is not only the opposite of those, but a key to happiness. We know it, because we live with them. We know what they are capable of and what you should not expect.

The Principle

We believe that a classic car is not unpredictable, it’s not needed to constantly have a headache with it and once it’s ready, you don’t have to treat it like a Fabergé egg.
We believe that they were made to be driven and they can give the most when they are on the road. If you can rely on your classic, if you’re not afraid of any trips, you smile when clipping the apex and rev it beyond the red line with relief.
A classic car can be a pleasure, a reminiscence, a lifestyle and in many cases an investment.
Therefore if we take on an assigment, we full it as good and as fast as we can in good quality, because this is what the owner requires and this is what we are paid for. Because instead of loosing money on it, a classic car can bring joy to the everyday, while increasing its value.
The word „classic” is not a synonym of an uncanny job, tardiness and delay. From full nut-and-bolt restorations to the smallest maintenance and storage our scope is wide. We are ready to support customers who were not born to be a mechanic.

The Workshop

The DC72 workshop is located in Budapest’s 3rd district. It is easily accessible, sits close to the downtown. Our customers can drop their daily cars off in a guarded parking lot and pick it up after the joyous moments with their classic. Or we can deliver it and retrieve it from anywhere.
The workshop has workstation for bodywork and paintjob preparations and six assembly stations. We have a staff of 12 well-trained experts of the various professions of classic car restoration, which means we can’t blame anyone. The DC72 is not only a purchaser of specific parts, but a manufacturer and retailer of some. It means we are part of the parts trade with all its benefits. Our processes follow each other in a way of logical steps, they are well organized and calculable. For this reason we believe that 6 months are enough for all the major steps of an assignment. A restoration process can’t last for an eternity. If so, when would the owners drive and enjoy their cars?
Our aim is to make the classic car ownership to a lifestyle for more people and the experience of the past twenty years helps us to achieve that. We are committed to this. 

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